The Pilot Watch that helps to keep the B-24J in the skies
The B-24J Liberator nicknamed "Witchcraft" (serial number 42-52534, Q2-M) was flown by the 790th Bomb Squadron, 467th Bomb Group, and is famous for completing the most missions of any Second Air Division aircraft - 130. Witchcraft was never once turned back, and it never had any crewmen injured or killed during WWII. Her last mission on April 25th, 1945, was also the last mission flown by the 467th Bomb Group. "Witchcraft" was there at the beginning and the end of the war. A feat that rightfully places her as legendary in the history of aviation.
Today, the only airworthy B-24J is the one restored by the Collings Foundation. When the legendary Witchcraft takes to the skies, it carries a storied history of freedom and classic design.
To pay tribute to its outstanding technology and preserve its heritage, we created and hand-assembled a limited edition of 250 pieces in our studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. For every watch sold, we will donate $250 directly to the Collings Foundation to preserve this legendary B-24J "Witchcraft".

Like the B-24, the HH7 Special Edition optimally combines form and function. The extreme conditions of unpressurized cockpits inspired the design that is made to last a lifetime. From the triangular index at 12 o'clock that stands out against the matte grey background to the large crown that is easy to grip and wind, even for a pilot wearing thick leather gloves, the HH7 Special Edition is a strictly functional timepiece.
Written by Geoffrey Roth